setting out for change


Mental health

‘After winter, must come spring/ Change, it comes eventually’ – Lauryn Hill

If you are stuck, you can be sure that change will come. If you are trapped, frozen, while the vagaries of life swirl around you, please know: change will come.

Change is a goddess, replete with gifts. She is the mother of the earth, she is vibrant, she knows shit. Unlike her name, she doesn’t linger on every upstream and downstream – she is the ocean. She doesn’t indulge whimsy; she’s solid. She’s not faint-hearted. She’s not gentle. She’ll come and get you if you hide from her. She’ll ask you nicely at first, but then she’ll get more insistent. She doesn’t give up. She will never give up on you.

Don’t be afraid of her. She wants you to grow. You are her child. She wants to feed you, and she is resplendent with the sweetest, most succulent fruit. It’s ripe. Take it – there is no poison apple in there.

Change will indulge you. She’ll let you rest under the covers for a while, shutting out the world. She will watch, always curious, her heart bemused by how you resist her. You will stumble and fall, just like a child learning how to walk. Change will be there to catch you.

Go to her. She loves you.