Beach speech

We found a little cove today, an inlet somewhere along the Wexford coast. I’d let the boys be adventurers and explorers, knowing that the hundred metres or so of rocks stretched out before their childish eyes like a vast, undiscovered planet. They forged on ahead, bravely leaping and slipping and climbing, their tiny legs goose-pimpled […]


I want to tell you today about the first time my first son smiled. Every parent probably has a gooey story about seeing that first smile. With my other two sons, the smiles seemed to happen in increments. It sort of seemed like they had always been smiling. Maybe they had been doing it with […]

to illustrate looking at moments of your life


‘Muh-mee. Can you wipe my bum?’ Run upstairs, wipe the bum, run downstairs, check one year old isn’t dead. He’s not dead. Go into the kitchen, look at the mess. Leave the kitchen. Check on the one year old. He’s standing on the windowsill. Lift him down, deposit him on floor. Lift him up again […]