Big life

In another life, I lived on a tiny island called La Maddalena. One summer evening, the heady scent of wild gorse in the air, I flew around the island on the back of a friend’s scooter. ‘Che vuoi fare da grande?’ he yelled into the sea-fresh wind, thousands of tiny stars twinkling in the sky […]

Brain problems

It’s so predictable. Your brain will tell you in a thousand different ways all the reasons why it’s a great idea not to do something that is good for you. Take writing this post now, for example. My brain is being super helpful this morning. Honestly, it’s really cheering me on, lobbing uplifting ditties such […]

Doctor, doctor

One thing worse than being a hypochondriac is being a hypochondriac who has been diagnosed with a major health problem. I don’t know that meditation helps with this, so I’m not going to talk about being plugged into the universe or finding peace within yourself. I’m going to talk about how bloody annoying it is. […]


All these things are things

So: prenatal depression is a thing. Prenatal anxiety is also a thing. Postnatal depression, tick, that’s a thing. And pregnancy and postnatal OCD. Postnatal anxiety, yep. Postnatal post-traumatic stress disorder, yes, that is also a thing. Some women are also diagnosed with bipolar mood disorders for the first time during pregnancy or the postnatal period. […]

to illustrate home

Talking about it

Just so you know, if you are reading this and in the grips of a frightening mental illness, then you need to go to a doctor. If they don’t take you seriously, then go to another doctor. Meditation is not going to work when your brain is being throttled by depression, or anxiety, or OCD, […]


There is a distinctly non-spiritual reason why I decided to start meditating every day. I read that meditation can give you deeper rest than sleep. For four years, I had been either pregnant or breastfeeding. I was tired and needed more rest. I’m not a morning person anyway and now brutal, unasked for dawns invaded […]

setting out for change


‘After winter, must come spring/ Change, it comes eventually’ – Lauryn Hill If you are stuck, you can be sure that change will come. If you are trapped, frozen, while the vagaries of life swirl around you, please know: change will come. Change is a goddess, replete with gifts. She is the mother of the […]

Pit stop protection

In the playground at my son’s school there is a round blue sign attached to the red brick wall. It says: ‘Friendship Stop. If you are feeling worried about something then stop here, a playground friend will come and have a chat with you.’ Imagine what life would be like if we had ‘friendship stops’ […]